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News - Aquavision Swimming

Club Champs Final Round – Friday 9th June

Please ensure the Subject Title of any emails you send states: Final Round – Club Champs to ensure your message is easily identifiable.

Reading Results and Club Championships

Well done to everyone that swam at Reading Novices under London Squad, we did really well as a club and won several medals. Huge congratulations to Antonina Woznica who came first in her section of 130 swimmers; she achieved a very high score of 56.3981.

  • Our 9-12yrs and 13-18yrs teams both won bronze medals.
  • We cleared the board with gold, silver and bronze in the figures.

One of our youngest swimmers Shameiah Nanton won a silver medal in her 8-10 year age group so a big well done to her. Her hard work paid off. The full results can be found here.

Following the Reading event and also the improvisation competition we have also now updated the Club Championships leader board (you can view the updated one here). Shameiah, Carla, Irene, Florence, Rosie and Alexandra are currently leading in their respective group so well done to them. There is plenty of time to pick up more points and climb the leader board.

100% pass at grading day

Congradulations to the swimmers who passed their grades in Hertford today.

Rosie Rallings achieved a silver standard achieving a score of 6.37 in her grade 4.  Rosie has already qualified as a National Swimmer but a silver standard is what she was aiming for and is a good achievement.

Shameiah Nanton is one of Aquavisions youngest swimmers.  She did very well at her grading today and achieved a silver standard in her grade 1 with a score of 6.38.  Shameiah showed good flexibility to the judges which is an aim for all swimmers.

Emma Yeo passed her grade 2 with a good score of 5.46.  Emma is in the London Development squad which aims to help swimmers to achieve National Standard.  Well done Emma you are nearly there.

Claire Kelly has been training with the 13 to 15 competitive squad and is now a qualified member as she passed her grade 3 today.  Claire achieved a bronze level and will now work on skill 4 figures in preparation for National Age Groups.

Aimee Preston has now qualified as a 15 to 18 yrs National Age Group Swimmer.  Aimee passed her grade 4 with a score of 5.74 which is very close to a silver achievement.  Aimee will now concentrate on grade 5 in preparation for National Age Groups.


Club Championships Leader Board

We have now updated the Aquavision Club Championships leader board after the recent skill levels and second round of club championships. Our current leaders in each category are Ola, Carla, Irene, Florence, Rosie and Alexandra so a huge well done to them. There are lots of swimmers not far behind so try your best to pick up more points at  the Reading Competition, Beacon Games and Middlesex Championships.

The leader board can be viewed here.

Club Champs Round 2 – Sunday 7th May 2017

The second round of our Club Championships will take place at QE Boys School in Barnet, on Sunday 7th May from 12.30pm to 3.30pm.
All club members, including lesson swimmers, will automatically be entered in the competition unless we receive an email to the Aquavision Mailbox, by 6pm on Thursday 27th April confirming your son / daughter cannot take part. The entry fees are £15 per swimmer and will be invoiced.
All London Squad swimmers who are not Aquavision Swimmers are also invited to attend. Please can these swimmers confirm their attendance by email to the Aquavision mailbox by 6pm on Thursday 27th April.
As usual, we will require as many people as possible to assist on the day, to ensure everything runs smoothly. Please can parents email the Aquavision Mailbox by Thursday, if you are able to help out, this includes any of our older swimmers who are happy to volunteer to Judge on the day (we will ensure the running order is such that you are also able to take part in the Competition).


Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, there is no land session tonight.

Apologies for any inconvenience.


Success in Croydon 10 out of 10

Well done to all the swimmers today.  Everyone from Aquavision passed their grading

Carla Peitrafesa Grade 1

Carla was close to a silver award by scoring upper 5’s in her figures.

Irene Salvanti Grade 1

Irene achieved a bronze level by achieving an average score of over 5 in her figures.

Rheya Joseph Grade 2

Rheya has now qualified to swim in the under 12 National Squad and achieve her bronze level today

Lilly Halasi Grade 3

Lily achieved a bronze level in figures today which means she qualifies to enter a solo and duet in the under 12 National Age Groups

Lucy Thomson Grade 3

Lucy also qualified for the National 13 to 15 Squad by achieving a good average score in her figures

Emily Crowe Grade 3

Emily also qualifies for National Age Groups by achieving a bronze in her figures

Rosie Rallings Grade 4

Rosie achieved a average score of 5.9 in her figures, so narrowly missed a silver level.

Ariana Sally Grade 4

Ariana passed her bronze level by ensuring she maintained a score of 5 in her figures

Evie Reynolds Grade 4

Evie also achieved an average of above 5 in her figures to achieve a bronze level.

Fiona Williams Grade 5

Fiona was consistent with her figures and averaged a good average to pass her bronze level.

small Groups and privates in May

The will be privates with Natalia between the 22nd May and 6th June

Pool space is available for private session on a daily basis.  Times the same slots as the small groups below.

Small Groups (3 swimmers must be booked for the session to run.  Cost as not in club time will be £15 per swimmer as we need to cover the cost of the pool and the coach.)

Small Groups with level 1 coach can also be booked.  Cost £10 with 3 swimmers in the group.  If interested please ask for further information

Monday 4:30pm to 5:30pm grade  2

Tuesday 5pm to 6pm small group grade 1

Wednesday 4pm to 5pm small group grade 3

Wednesday 5pm to 6pm small group grade 4

Thursday 5pm to 6pm grade 5

Friday 4:30pm to 5:30pm grade 1

Saturday 8am to 9am skill 4 and 5

Saturday 9am to 10am skill 1 and 2

Saturday 10am to 11am skill 2 and 3

Saturday 11:00 to 12:00 skill 4 and 5

Saturday 2pm to 3pm skill 3







We have had a number of swimmer turning up without the correct kit.

Land sessions kit:

  • trainers
  • leggings (something you can stretch in)
  • Mat
  • blocks x2
  • roller/ tennis ball
  • thera band (skill 3+)

Pool kit (feel good centre)

  • Bottles x2 (should be brought to all sessions for skill 1+2 swimmers)
  • float
  • pull bouy
  • thera band (skill 3+)

If you need to order any kit please email.

Changes to Easter Camps 8th-12th April

We have had to make some changes to the Easter camps due to swimmers availability for teams and there has also been some changes to figure sessions due to lack of swimmer booking. Please check the schedules to see the changes.

Forest School/ College Pool and feel good centre

I have attached below the camps for Easter

We have 4 types of camps

Click here to see the changed schedules – Please email ASAP about booking and if you have any questions. The timetable is complicated so Rachel will be down at the pool most nights this week if you have any questions or need help deciding what sessions are best.

Girls that are in lessons should be looking at the camp 1 timetable.

Also if you like to mix and match figure, land and swimming camps let us know and we can work out the best cost for you.

There is also some privates sessions available for both synchro skills and swimming. Please email about these.