Competition Round Up

A huge well done to all our swimmers who competed at London open on Saturday, a fantastic day all round.
 A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who supported the swimmers and the competition. A special mention to Jane Khan who gave up her time to team manage even though her daughter wasn’t swimming on Saturday, thank you Jane we value you as a volunteer and all you do for the club. Thank you to Andrew and Agnese for judging we would not be able to enter these events without you. We do definitely need more parents to come forward to train as team managers, now some of our newer parents have attended a competition maybe you think you could be more hands on involved please let me know. The team managers course is only half a day and the club will pay for this for you. Or of course if you would like to train as a poolside coaching assistant or a judge please let me know as we have some courses coming up over the summer.
Results from Saturday saw silver medals for all our team swimmers!!
Mary Poppins team – 2nd place in the 15 u category.. For all but one of the swimmers this was their first time swimming team at a competition and 6 of the 7 are still under 12 yrs old so a massive well done -score 51.5667
Happy feet team – 2nd place in the 12u category again several swimmers in this team swimming for the first time, a big achievement everyone, well done – score 51.400
Rio team – 2nd place in the 13-18 category, this team swam last year at combo cup with a score of 49.700, on Saturday they scored 56.50 a massive improvement from last year, onwards and upwards girls.
So now to improve on these scores for Combo cup so keep practising and keep doing your walkthroughs every day.
We also saw quite a few medals in figures, a big well done to everyone who competed in figures .
Grade 0
gold for Asya Uckun
silver for Aurora Pellizzon
Grade 1 
8-10 yrs
silver for julia boots
bronze for Constantina Tetteh
Grade 2
bronze for Rose Gormanly
Grade 3
gold for Daria Foronova
bronze for Natalie Gilbert.
Good luck to all our swimmers travelling to Scotland this weekend to compete in Scottish Nationals.

Club Champs Results February 2017

Well done to all the girls who attended the Club Champs last Sunday.  This was a great opportunity for all the girls, from novices to those who have attained skill level 5, the chance to demonstrate their figures in a competition environment.  A huge thank you also to all the parents and girls who volunteered to help set up the competition and who assisted with judging and scoring the competitors.  Below is a link to the scores for the days.

Club Champs Results February 2017

Well done Talya, Antonia and Fiona

On Sunday 12th July Aquavision attended the London skill assessment at Crystal Palace.

Talya Karabulut passed her skill 1, passing all 12 figures with ease. This is testament to her hard work at training. Well done Talya.

Antonia Makris passed her skill 2, therefore qualifying for National Age Groups as a 12&U swimmer. This is a fantastic achievement, well done Antonia.

Fiona Williams passed her skill 3, swimming with confidence and showing tremendous control within her figures. Well done Fiona.

Middlesex Competition Results

Aquavision took part in the Middlesex competition on Saturday 30th May at Southgate LC. There were a number of strong performances, so well done to all who took part. Also thank you to all those parents who helped out on the day.

Ungraded Figures

Aquavision had entries in all the figure sections of the competition.  For many swimmers it was their first county competition but this did not stop them securing a top position in Middlesex.  In the ungraded group under 12 group, Ariana Saly came 2nd  in the open and Middlesex sections of the competition and showed her potential as this was her first competition.  Talya Karabulut positioned 1st for Middlesex and 4th overall in the 13 plus ungraded group which is a great achievement as there was some strong competition in this section.  Both Ariana and Talya are presently leading the Club Championships in their age groups.

Skill 1

Aisling Khan won gold for the under 12 in the overall and Middlesex category. Aisling is 8 yrs old and has been keen to compete for some time but in most competitions you have to be 9 yrs by 31st December to compete.  She did very well for such a young swimmer.

Andrea Demeter who is also new to competitions came 6th overall and 3rd in Middlesex, in the 13 plus section.  A great achievement for a new starter to Synchronised Swimming.

Skill 2

We had a clean sweep of the medals in the under 12 section with Gold going to Lucy Thomson, Silver to Stephanie Pagan and Bronze to Florence Ford.  Great to see our under 12 competitive swimmers going so well.

Megan Lockwood also won the Bronze Medal in the 13 plus section and 1st in Middlesex.  Well done Megan.

Skill 3

Another clean sweep of the medals with Kerry Norden winning Gold, Rhianna-Lee Pagan Silver and Rosie Rallings Bronze.  We dominated this section with the majority of the swimmers being from Aquavision.   This section is based on skill only and therefore we saw a wide range of ages.  Rosie Rallings did exceptionally well to get a medal as an under 12 swimmer.

Skill 4 & 5

Georgia Antoniou showed skill in her skill 4 figures to secure a silver medal.  She had good height and we look forward to seeing her compete at National Level.

Skill 5

Rachel Crowe put forward a sound performance and won the Gold medal in the Championship Section.   It was great to see her back in the water following a period of study leave for the A levels.

Solos and Teams

We had a very strong presence in the routine section and won 4 gold medals.

  • Kerry Norden – Solo Champion
  • Mary Poppins – 9 to 12 yrs
  • Clowns – 15 plus
  • Ice Age – Under 19yrs

We also had a very new team in the skill 1 & 2 section, many of whom were skill 0, that has had very little practice together but did show confidence and potential in their performance.  We had a number of very new swimmers competing in this team and it was nice to see them win the Silver Medal. New swimmers were Ariana Saly, Thiri Thein, Amelie Stovin-Clark and Talya Karabulut.

Yesterday was the last day for Trophy points to be awarded and the following were given for their performance at Middlesex.

  • Ariana Saly for her achievement in Figures
  • Rosie Rallings for the best under 12 ballet leg
  • Andrea Demeter for an amazing performance in the clown team
  • Amelie Stovin-Clark for her team skills
  • Amy Thomson for her solo performance

All girls who positioned in the top 3 for Middlesex in figures have also been awarded a Team point.

Club Championships Round 2

Well done to all that competed in the 2nd round of the Club Championships.

The overall Figure score was given to Georgia Antoniou with a score of 57.86.  We saw a really nice ballet leg from Sara Nadeem.

The under 12 competitive squad were well represented in the competition and the overall winner of the figure section was Megan Cosgrove, scoring 55.90.

It was a pleasure to see the swimmers showing confidence in improvisation.  Emily Crowe and Alex Weir both swam excellently in their sections to win gold medals.  The star of the improvisation has to go to Sophie Nethercoat who presented herself very well and showed us how much she has developed as a swimmer.  It was great to see her confidence in the water.

South African National Synchronised Swimming Championships April 2015

The above competition took place in Durban from 15th to 18th April 2015.

Kerry Norden competed in both the technical and the free solo. Despite limited preparation time she also swam the tech and free duet with her SA partner as well as technical team and free combination for her province. The competition took place in an outdoor pool but fortunately the weather remained relatively warm.

“It was wonderful to have Jenny Gray at the competition she attended as an internationalKerry

advisor and tournament referee. She also assisted with coaching as well as judging. Jenny was extremely helpful with my preparation and also helped our duet. I won both the technical and the free solo and placed 3rd in both duets. I was also awarded the most improved overall. This is in no small part due to the amazing support I have received from the UK coaches. I really appreciate the work you have done in such a short time. Our team and combo were both ranked second.”

Kerry is currently spending a week in Johannesburg and will see everyone back at training soon. The team for Kazan is waiting for ratification but she has been included for both solos. Congratulations Kerry!!

8 personal goals achieved and 3 more National Qualifiers

Aquavision swimmers did extremely well at Reading Assessment Day.

Aisling Khan was the youngest Aquavision swimmer and passed her skill level 1. A great achievement for 8 years old.  This is the youngest swimmer Aquavision has taken to a skill level and it was great to see her do so well.

Ellen Archer passed her level 2 with confidence and ease.  She has been swimming with Aquavision for less than six months and is doing extremely well.

Adrianna Jakubowska qualifies as a National 12&U swimmer.  Ada has been training with the National squad for a few months and has now achieved her well desired skill level 2.  We presently have a squad of 10 swimmers who have qualified as 12&U for Nationals.

Megan Cosgrove competed as an individual swimmer at Nationals in 2014 as a 12&U swimmer and has now passed her level 3 which qualifies her for the next 3 years in the 13 to 15 section.  Passing your skill 3 when under 12 allows you to prepare a solo and duet for the National Age Groups in December.

Alicia Day showed confidence and skill to pass her level 3.  Alicia has passed 3 skill levels in twelve months which is an excellent achievement in such a short period of time.  We look forward to watching her progress over the year.  Keep up the good work.

Hanna Khairul was our 2nd National Qualifier of the day and qualifiers in the 13 to 15 age group.  She has shown determination and control at the skill level a nice skill for an athlete to have.  Aquavision now have 11 swimmers  qualified for Nationals within this age group which is an excellent achievement and we look forward to seeing a new team develop.

Ysabel Robb one of Aquavision’s associate swimmers passed her level 3 and also qualified for Nationals in the 13 to 15 age group.  Ysabel will also be invited to the 13 to 15 training squad for National Age Groups.

Megan Parker who is an associate swimmer with Aquavision went to Rugby yesterday and passed her skill 3. Megan is already a 12&U National Swimmer and has now qualified to swim a duet at National Age Groups.

Well Done Everyone!

Cool, Calm & Collected

Congratulations to Aimee Preston who has qualified for Nationals in Knottingley last weekend by passing her skill level 3. She was very calm and collected in her approach to the event which paid off and she passed with confidence.


The process for skill assessment is to attend a skill development day where the assessors and coaches will work on your preparation and give you some indication of when you will be ready to sit the assessment. You can book onto the skill development day if you are not ready for your skill but want some practice and guidance.

7 pass at Hertford

Aquavision visited Hertford on Saturday 28th February where seven girls passed their skill assessment.

Sophia Constantinou and Andrea Demeter put in a fine performance to pass their skill 1. Special mention to Andrea as she only started the sport in January, showing that hard work and determination pays off. Well done!

As skill 1 girls were in the pool so were skill 4, this is where Georgia Antoniou shone, being the only girl to pass her skill 4 on the day. Georgia produced some lovely figures, passing outright. Well done Georgia!

Next in the water were skill 3 girls with both Amy Thomson and Orla Khan passing outright after performing some stunning figures. Well done girls!

Alex Weir has improved tremendously over the last few months, putting in a fine performance to pass her skill 3. Well done Alex!

Finally Kerry Norden passed level 1, 2 and 3 in quick succession, managing to complete 24 figures in one sitting. Well done Kerry!



Club Championships Round 1 Results

We saw some good performances from Aquavision Swimmers at Round 1 of the club championships with Amy Thomson being the swimmer of the day. She took the gold medal in the figures and put in an excellent performance in the solo to win the silver medal. Other gold medals for solos went to Ariana Saly (novice section), Emily Crowe (under 12 section) and Claire Harris (13yrs & above section).

The figure champions were Sophie Nethercoat, Sophia Constantinou, Rheya Joseph, Rosie Rallings, Ellen Archer, Amy Thomson, Agne Simanauskaite and Claire Harris.

Other high scoring swimmers today were Alex Weir and Talya Karabulut.

At the close of play today the leaders of the club championships are

Rheya Joseph (10yrs & under Recreational)
Ariana Saly (12 & under Recreational)
Talya Karabulut (13yrs & above Recreational)
Rosie Rallings (12yrs & under Competitive)
Agne Simanauskaite (13 to 14 yrs Competitive)
Alex Weir (15 to 17 yrs Competitive)
Rachel Crowe (18 yrs & above)

The competition is very close and we do hope some of the girls will secure points next weekend at the skill assessment day.

Round 2 of club championships is on Saturday 25th April.

Good luck everyone