Jack Petchey Award

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The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme is an initiative for youth organisations to celebrate the achievements of their young people as well as receive additional funding.  Aquavision was approved to join the Bronze Scheme Award in 2013 which allows us to make awards each year for achievements undertaken during the January-March, April-June and September-November periods.

Any member of the club, between 11-25 yrs of age, can be nominated for an award for any achievement that you feel is worthy of recognition.

Nominations are now open for the July-December 2018 period and you can make your nominations by sending an email to [email protected] before 30th November 2018.

January-June 2018: The winners of the Jack Petchey Award were Irene Salvati and Agnese Pietrafesa. Agnese Pietrafesa was nominated for all the sessions where she has volunteered to coach over the last few months whilst injured (in recovery from serious accident). Agnese has remained positive and focused, regularly attending land sessions whilst she was unable to swim and shown determination to get back in the water – always with a smile! She showed strength and courage through volunteering to help others even though she was unable to train herself. The club admire her bravery, resilience and commitment and felt that this should be recognised. She is a real role model for other members of the club.  The club members nominated Irene Salvati as she is an inspiration for us for a number of reasons: her love and dedication for synchro; determination in achieving her goals (4 grades in one calendar year), which allowed her to compete on national level; but above all for being a nice girl who is happy to help others. Outstanding girl and an asset to the club!


Previous winners of the award can be found below:

April-June 2013:  Claire Harris was the first recipient of this award and was recognised for her achievements with the England Squad and for her willingness to always help the other girls. Claire was awarded £200 from the scheme which she chose to spend on new videoing equipment for the club.

September-November 2013:  The second recipient of this award was Danielle Howell for her continued enthusiasm for the sport of Synchronised Swimming, her positive attitude during training sessions, excellent commitment to the club and determination to improve. Her enthusiastic attitude rubbed off on her team mates and promoted good team spirit. Danielle was awarded £200 from the scheme which she chose to spend on an Apple ipod classic, to store and play routine music during training.

January-March 2014:  The third recipient of this award was Alicia Day for her effort, commitment and improvement to the sport of synchronised swimming. She has been working very hard over the last year to achieve skill level 1, showing a great team spirit within her team training. Alicia was awarded £200 from the scheme which she chose to spend on a portable CD player and a specialist two day Camp 27th and 29th May 2014, to allow girls to improve their team skills and allow those girls working towards national level to improve their technical skills.

April-June 2014:  Alexandra Weir received this award for her commitment and improvement to the sport of synchronised swimming. She has been working very hard over the last year to achieve skill level 1 showing huge potential within the sport, as well as her determination in land exercises to improve her flexibility. Alex was awarded £200 from the scheme which she chose to spend on a club social event.

September-November 2014: The final award for 2014 was awarded to Emily Crowe, for her commitment to team training and for her sheer determination and dedication in achieving flat splits to qualify her for Nationals in Dec 2014. Emily contributed her £200 towards the cost of new performance costumes for her National Team, swimming to music from Mary Poppins.

January-March 2015: Nellie Short was the first 2015 recipient being nominated by fellow members for achieving two skill levels in one year, as well as training for two teams and achieving her National skill level, showing commitment and determination. Finally for always training with a smile! Nellie has contributed her £200 towards the cost of a specialist Oceanears DRS-8 underwater speaker that will enhance the quality of sound and can also be used out of the water.

April-June 2015: Lucy Thomson was nominated by fellow members for continuing to work hard and improve. She has shown determination and courage to improve her breathe control and swim without goggles. She has grown that much in confidence that she is working hard to achieve her skill 3 to potentially enable her to swim a duet at Nationals. Lucy also contributed her £200 towards the cost of the Oceanears DRS-8 underwater speaker.

September-November 2015: The award was won by Victoria Campos Davis.  Victoria has Down Syndrome but this has not stopped her working in a team and overcoming difficulties.  She has made a great impact on team building and her tremendous determination has been admired and emulated by her team members.  Victoria put her award money towards a social event and funded the food for the evening.
January-June 2016: Our winners for this round were Orla Khan and Jess Driver.  Orla works hard and stays cheerful.  She is always happy to help the other girls making sure they don’t fall behind if they have missed a session.  She has passed her skill level 4 which is a great achievement as she is working at a level above her age group.  Orla chose to spend her award on a specialist training camp for the swimmers.  Jess was nominated for her volunteer coaching.  She coaches as a volunteer weekly.  She is very reliable which is crucial for the club to be able to plan sessions effectively.  Jess is very good at motivating the girls she works with, getting them to work to the best of their ability.  Jess contributed her award towards tickets for several girls to go to the European Aquatics Championships.