Success in Croydon 10 out of 10

Well done to all the swimmers today.  Everyone from Aquavision passed their grading

Carla Peitrafesa Grade 1

Carla was close to a silver award by scoring upper 5’s in her figures.

Irene Salvanti Grade 1

Irene achieved a bronze level by achieving an average score of over 5 in her figures.

Rheya Joseph Grade 2

Rheya has now qualified to swim in the under 12 National Squad and achieve her bronze level today

Lilly Halasi Grade 3

Lily achieved a bronze level in figures today which means she qualifies to enter a solo and duet in the under 12 National Age Groups

Lucy Thomson Grade 3

Lucy also qualified for the National 13 to 15 Squad by achieving a good average score in her figures

Emily Crowe Grade 3

Emily also qualifies for National Age Groups by achieving a bronze in her figures

Rosie Rallings Grade 4

Rosie achieved a average score of 5.9 in her figures, so narrowly missed a silver level.

Ariana Sally Grade 4

Ariana passed her bronze level by ensuring she maintained a score of 5 in her figures

Evie Reynolds Grade 4

Evie also achieved an average of above 5 in her figures to achieve a bronze level.

Fiona Williams Grade 5

Fiona was consistent with her figures and averaged a good average to pass her bronze level.

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