Figures Grading

Figure Grade 1 Judging Sheet

Figure Grade 2 Judging Sheet

Figure Grade 3 Judging Sheet

Figure Grade 4 Judging Sheet

Figure Grade 5 Judging Sheet

Figure Grade 6 Judging Sheet

Routine Grading

Routine Grade 1 Judging Sheet

Routine Grade 2 Judging Sheet

Routine Grade 3 Judging Sheet

Routine Grade 4 Judging Sheet

Routine Grade 5 Judging Sheet

 Aquavision Grant Support

As a registered charity Aquavision strives to support the development of members by offering grants to members to assist with the cost of synchronised swimming training, competitions, specialist support etc. All members can apply for this support with each application being reviewed by the trustees on an individual basis.

Aquavision Swimming Sponsorship Grant Application Form


Links is home to everything you need to know about swimming. is home to all London swimming events.

FINA ( Fédération Internationale de Natation) is the international governing body of swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open water swimming.

LEN (Ligue Europeenne De Nation) is the governing body of 51 national European Swimming Federations, overseen by an elected Bureau composed of Members, representing 17 different Countries.

Information on Land Training (courtesy of british swimming) :